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The Team

Meet The Faces Behind Ecole Hors Murs

Philippe Couture

Philippe Couture

Philippe designed the Udalo Watershed Pilot Project project and brought the team together.


After studying architecture, he decided to move to Asia where he followed his passion for complex design and filming. He has signed several documentaries from India, China, Japan, Haiti, New York and the Philippines.


His findings in complex systems have led him to permaculture design and principles which he applies to architecture and project management.


Philippe is hoping to convert most of us to permaculture and aikido.

Jenny Quinton

Jenny Quinton

Jenny Quinton was born in the UK and has lived on Lantau Island in Hong Kong for 27 years. When she arrived here she set up the first English speaking kindergarten which evolved into the Lantau International School.


Jenny went on to work as a classroom teacher with the English Schools Foundation (ESF). She chaired the Environmental Group of ESF, and helped to set up the environmental systems and organize annual environmental conferences that were attended by a wide network of local and international schools and universities and keynoted by prominent environmentalists and educators. She held that responsibility for over ten years after leaving Kennedy School in 2006 to set up ‘Ark Eden’.


Ark Eden is an environmental education project dedicated to the ethics and principles of permaculture and restoring a connection and respect for the natural environment through educational workshops and eco-restorative projects. Currently 5,000 – 7,000 people a year are involved in Ark Eden projects.


Jenny has two grown up children, who are adept at fighting hill-fires, and lives with a menagerie of pets including a pig in her field-centre in a secluded rural valley in Lan

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert is an international educational innovator, speaker, entrepreneur and award-winning author and editor. He was nominated by IB magazine as one of its 15 leading educational visionaries in 2013.


Apart from his work in education in the Europe, the Middle East, South American and Asia, he also set up Independent Thinking in the UK over twenty years ago, a highly original educational mission-led organisation working to improve educational outcomes across all sectors and phases of education.


Through his personal work, through his leadership of Independent Thinking and through World Wide Educational Project, a UK-based charity he co-founded, Ian is committed to exploring and exploiting the power of education to transform individuals, societies and the wider world.

Michel Bastian
Bastian b&w01.jpg

Michel Bastian

Graduated from Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (E.S.A. Paris, France), created the group Spontact (Urban live theatre).


Technical-Scenographic Director at Maison de la Culture de Créteil, Manager of Plastic Arts at Maison des Arts & de la Culture de Créteil (Under the direction of Jean Negroni), Graphic Designer for Théâtre Nattional de Chaillot (Director Jack Lang).


Lecturer at l’Institut des Sciences de la Communication de l’Université M. de Montaigne (Bordeaux). Film director for commercials and TV programs, Michel Bastian is essentially a words magician, some would say a poet, yet, he still believes to be a visual artist and a painter.

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