September 20, 2017

The “Observer Effect” is well known to documentary film makers. Bringing in a camera in a community is never neutral. The coordinator of this project experimented it along a twenty years carrier: Being observed triggers, in anyone having developed a prefrontal cortex, a twitching in behavior which tend to tilt it toward its best. Individually or in group, this human ability of meta-cognition, as defined by scientists, is the initial component of this project.

The Task

To further enhance the nature of the education system and processes in the Abra de Ilog region through the introduction, exploitation, assimilation and embedding of Internet-based learning technologies.

The Western model of education draws little distinction between school – a building or series of buildings; schooling – the assimilation of young people into an educational system taking place in the school; and education – a wider goal that not only prepares young people to survive and thrive in the world around them and beyond in the future but also helps them learn...

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